Critical Areas of Focus

Through collaboration and input from PHC leaders, physicians and researchers, PHC’s Senior Leadership Team has decided on four critical areas of focus over the next two years (2017/18 and 2018/19).

These critical areas of focus (listed below) will guide the work PHC will commit resources to as required, and that will take precedent when it comes to prioritizing work. These three areas were selected from the organizational priorities for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Priority - Operational Excellence

Critical Area - Objective 4.2:

Improve our operational performance, as measured by quality, safety, care and effi­ciency metrics, by improving our processes, leveraging technology and using evidence-based practices.

Priority - Population Health Improvement

Critical Area - Objective 2.2:

Complete the New St. Paul’s Campus Business Plan, fully launch transformation and transition work plan to position PHC for achievement of this vision, and prepare the organization for a successful transition to the new health care campus.

Priority - Patient/Resident/Family Centred

Critical Area - Objective 1.4:

Identify design gaps between CST Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) build and PHC clinical and business requirements by end of 2017/2018, and confirm when CST implementation will occur at PHC. We are looking to understand what will be required in order to implement the CST/Cerner information system at the end of 2018.

Priority - Population Health Improvement

Critical Area - Objective 2.4

Complete the St. Vincent’s Heather (SVH) dementia village and community campus redevelopment business plan. Complete St. Joseph’s amalgamation into the Providence Residential and Community Care Society (PRCC) and provide input into Comox dementia village and community campus plan. Continue detailed planning to prepare for transfer of PHC Residential services into PRCC.

For a more detailed description of each organizational priority and their supporting objectives, please refer to the 2017/18 and 2018/19 Organization Priorities document.