The Providence Plan

Achieving Our Vision

“Driven by compassion and social justice, we are at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation”.

Our Approach

From its inception more than a century ago, Providence Health Care’s five founding congregations of Sisters shared a common vision – to reach out to the community and provide care and shelter to the most vulnerable people in society.

The Sisters were courageous people — leaders, pioneers, risk takers and innovators. Using this inspiration, Providence has adapted over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities and the health care system.

We continue this tradition with the 2012 - 2018 Providence Plan: Achieving Our Vision.

Delivering on the Providence Plan

Our Providence Plan, which has guided us through significant projects, announcements, and operational work, will continue to guide us over the next two years (2017/18 and 2018/19). However, over these next two years we will be focusing on three critical areas, selected from within our four organizational priorities for 2017/18 and 2018/19.

The goal is to assist people in making decisions around where to focus their efforts.

These critical areas of focus will guide the work PHC will commit resources to as required, and will take precedence when it comes to prioritizing work.

Organizational Priority: Operational Excellence 

  • Critical Area - Objective 4.2: Improve our operational performance, as measured by quality, safety, care and efficiency metrics, by improving our processes, leveraging technology and using evidence-based practices.

Organizational Priority: Population Health Improvement

  • Critical Area - Objective 2.2: Complete the New St. Paul’s Campus Business Plan, fully launch transformation and transition work plan to position PHC for achievement of this vision, and prepare the organization for a successful transition to the new health care campus.
  • Critical Area - Objective 2.4: Complete the St. Vincent’s Heather (SVH) dementia village and community campus redevelopment business plan. Complete St. Joseph’s amalgamation into the Providence Residential and Community Care Society (PRCC) and provide input into Comox dementia village and community campus plan. Continue detailed planning to prepare for transfer of PHC Residential services into PRCC.

Organizational Priority: Patient/Resident/Family Centred

  • Critical Area - Objective 1.4: Identify design gaps between CST Lions Gate Hospital (LGH) build and PHC clinical and business requirements by end of 2017/2018, and confirm when CST implementation will occur at PHC. We are looking to understand what will be required in order to implement the CST/Cerner information system at the end of 2018.

For a more detailed description of each organizational priority and their supporting objectives, please refer to the “PHC Organization Priorities for 2017/18 and 2018/19” long form document.

PHC Organizational Priorities for 2017/18 and 2018/19

These have been identified to guide the organization’s work and conversations with staff for the next two years (fiscal 2017/18 and 2018/19).

Priority #1: Patient/Resident/Family-Centered

  • Goal: Partner with patients, residents, and families to provide safe, evidence-informed, high quality care, and exceptional experiences.

Priority #2: Population Health Improvement

  • Goal: Transform PHC to be part of an integrated health system, built on academic excellence, and focused on improving population, and patient health outcomes.

Priority #3: Our People, Our Unique Culture

  • Goal: Inspire our people to excel in everything we do as they live our Mission, Vision and Values.

Priority #4: Operational Excellence

  • Goal: Achieve operational efficiency and enhance health system sustainability by implementing new models of care and service to ensure quality care that achieves value for money, and allocates resources to support organizational priorities.

Enabling Strategies 

All of the organizational priorities are supported by Enabling Strategies:

  • Innovation: We will apply ideas, services or products, new or net new to the health system, which significantly improve the quality of health and care wherever applied.
  • Infrastructure: We will renew or replace physical infrastructures at all our sites.
  • Technology: We will utilize information and technology to enable innovation, and support changes in health care delivery that will improve the quality and efficiency of care.

Foundational Strategies

Why we exist and what we stand for is reflected in our overarching Mission, Vision and Values and we continue to build on the strength of our Foundational Strategies:

  • Mission/Vision/Values: We are inspired by our Mission, Vision and Values in how we treat those we serve and each other.
  • Ethical Framework: We operate within the Catholic Health Care Ethics Guide.
  • Learning: We are an academic, teaching organization.
  • Research and Academic: We develop and maintain strong relationships and alignment with partners to enhance overall research and academic capabilities. As well, we undertake health research that supports patient care, and delivers immediate and longer term interventions that promote improved health outcomes for patients and society.
  • Fiscal Sustainability: We are responsible financial stewards and we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable care.

Next Steps

For our organization to succeed in what we’re planning for these next two years, knowing the why, understanding the “what” and buy-in on the “how” needs to occur.

Each critical area and organizational priority will be broken out into specific plans, targets and actions. We are on the threshold of significant change and transformation, and ask that everyone commit to being involved, thinking differently and taking action.

This next stage of the Providence Plan establishes a way forward – the who, how and what it will take to move us closer to realizing our Vision of being an organization that is driven by compassion and social justice at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation.