Teamwork for the win

Apr 27, 2017 | News

Despite the overcast sky on Sunday, a hearty group of PHC staff from the third floor of Hornby participated in the 2017 Vancouver Sun Run. 

Over the last few months the group was training for the run thanks to Leah Liang, who was the Team Leader and Encourager.

The team name, ‘We thought they said Rum,’ exemplifies the light-hearted nature of the team.

Even though there were some unexpected injuries and events, most people still showed up and tried their best to participate!

Some accomplishment highlights from first time Sun Run participants were: 

  • Ashish Chauhan – This was his first attempt at long distance running and he did it, successfully, an accomplishment he credits to "Captain Leah’s persistent persuasion; without it, I wouldn’t have realized my goal!”
  • Ishaan Gupta – The 10k was the longest run he’s ever attempted.
  • Maureen Shaw – The 10k was the longest walk she’s ever completed.

The Sun Run was a great bonding experience and a wonderful way to get to know some colleagues better, not to mention getting more physically fit.  


Well done team!!

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