$1,000+ up for grabs every two weeks!

Sep 8, 2016 | News

As of last week's PHC Staff 50/50 Lottery (www.phcstafflottery.com) draw, only 281 people are in the pool to win over $1,000 every two weeks. Which other lottery has these odds?!

Each Providence Health Care employee who signs up to play the staff lottery has the opportunity to share their thoughts on why they've chosen to play. Here are a few answers that may convince you to join in on the fun as well:

Why do you play?

"I would like instant cash in my pocket, [to] go on a trip with the kids!!!" - W.D.

"So I can have a chance to buy things for my family?" - K.P.

"The money goes to a great cause - and if I win, my money will go to my daughters for their university studies." - R.H.

"To support Tapestry Foundation [and] excitement in the hopes of winning." - K.S.

"$$$$$" - R.E.

Sign up today to play at www.phcstafflottery.com - draws happen every two weeks on payday Friday! You can play for as little as $5 per entry or increase your odds to 4 chances to win every draw with $20 every draw!

All proceeds support Tapestry Foundation for Health Care and seniors' care initiatives at Providence Health Care facilities.

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