2015 Carbon Neutral Action Report - Achieving Sustainable Health Care

Jul 14, 2016 | News

We are pleased to present Providence Health Care’s 2015 Carbon Neutral Action Report.

For the sixth consecutive year, Providence Health Care has achieved carbon neutrality, as part of the provincial public sector commitment to achieve net-zero emissions.

Read PHC’s 2015 CNAR here.

Providence Health Care: CNAR

Each year Providence Health Care submits a Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR) to the Climate Action Secretariat of the BC government. This report documents our greenhouse gas emissions and the current and planned actions to further reduce GHG emissions in the future.

Providence Health Care is committed to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Many of the energy projects listed in these reports would not have been possible without the coordinated efforts of staff working together, and in collaboration with external stakeholders. Special thanks goes to the Energy Management teams and Facilities Management and Operations teams working in hospitals and health care facilities to make buildings more energy efficient and embed energy management principles further into standard operations. These projects have positive impacts; saving energy, decreasing air pollution, and ultimately adding to the health and wellness of facilities, workplaces and the communities we serve.

2015 Highlights from Providence Health Care:

  • PHC’s 2015 Carbon footprint offset was 10,677 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e). That represents a 7.4% decrease in PHC’s carbon footprint since 2007
  • PHC completed the investigation phase of two energy savings projects in 2015; at St. Vincent’s Hospital: Langara, and Holy Family Hospital, as part of BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program.
  • PHC’s Energy Management team were involved in updating GreenCare’s Energy and Environmental Sustainability Design Guidelines for New Construction and Major Renovation projects with the intent of ensuring health care related new construction and major renovation projects are built to the highest standard of human / environmental health, performing efficiency, and financial investment.
  • 67 PHC staff participated in the 2015 Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge (CCWC); a campaign to motivate PHC staff to leave their car at home and commute in an active and clean way.
  • As part of the Green+Leader program, a paper/waste reduction campaign supports volunteers with Paperless Meeting Toolkits to encourage their colleagues to reduce paper use.

More Info:

Please take a moment to check out the full report and read each Health Authorities report online at the GreenCare Community website. We welcome your feedback and your active participation!

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