4 reasons to be excited for May 5

Apr 27, 2017 | Spotlight

As our best line of defense against germs and bacteria, hand hygiene is celebrated every day across our organization.

But on May 5, we take things to a whole new level. 

Our Infection Control Practitioners (ICP) will be making the rounds to next week to celebrate World Hand Hygiene in person and bringing excitement, resources and innovation along with them!

Four reasons to be excited for May 5

  1. The Wheel – spin the prize wheel to try your hand at some IPAC trivia.
  2. Chocolates – worth brushing up on your IPAC trivia.
  3. Updated Precautions Card – new, shiny and ready for attaching to your lanyard.
  4. Spectrum MD – the focus of this year’s World Hand Hygiene Day is to stop antibiotic resistance, which makes May 5 the perfect day for you to download the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) app, Spectrum MD (or, get a jump start on World Hand Hygiene Day and download your iOS or Android version today!). 

Where you can find the ICPs next week

May 2

  • Holy Family
  • Langara
  • Brock Fahrni

May 4

  • Mount Saint Joseph Hospital  

May 5

  • St. Paul’s Hospital

Please print the poster below and post on your unit to help spread the word!

See last year’s World Hand Hygiene fun here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/providencehealth/albums/72157667913083766

PDF icon may5-worldhandhygieneday-poster.pdf
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