50 years of saving lives through organ donation and transplant in BC

Oct 24, 2018 | News

On October 24, 1968, a 43-year old man underwent the first ever transplant in British Columbia at Vancouver General Hospital. His was one of only two transplants done that year, and he gained six more years of life with his new kidney.

Fast forward 50 years, to a record-setting 505 lives saved in 2017/18 through transplant. BC’s donation and transplant program has achieved tremendous growth – and success.

BC is now a Canadian leader in organ donation, achieving the highest rate of organ donation in Canada in 2017, with more than 8,000 transplants since that first kidney was transplanted 50 years ago. More transplants have been made possible as the experience, knowledge and expertise within BC has grown in tandem with advances in technology, surgical techniques, tissue matching and post-transplant care.

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