6 tips to create a safe workplace and reduce theft

Jan 25, 2018 | News

Everyone plays a part in creating a safe workplace and in helping to reduce theft. In an effort to protect your personal belongings, be vigilant of your work area, and report any suspicious persons or activities. The following tips are intended to help you become aware of some basic crime prevention measures.

Valuables: Avoid providing a would-be-thief with the opportunity to steal. Never leave your valuables unattended or left out in plain sight. Keep your personal belongings such as purse, wallet and keys with you at all times or secure them in a locked drawer or closet.

Work area security: A random act of theft only takes seconds to occur. Ensure your work area/office is secure while unattended. Close and secure doors even if you're only leaving for a few moments.

Ownership: Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Never assume that a stranger in your area is a staff member or that they are authorized to be there. If someone is behaving suspiciously or in an unusual manner, approach them and ask if you can assist them. This is often enough to discourage a potential thief as they do not want to be recognized or attract attention to themselves. If a thief believes that you are aware of their presence, they may be less likely to commit a theft.

Identification: As part of an overall strategy to ensure a safe and secure environment, ensure your Photo Identification is worn so that it is visible to others. Report lost ID to the Photo ID office immediately so that access on your card can be deactivated. Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, immediately inform your manager or security.

Access control: Report broken windows or doors that do not lock properly. Avoid leaving doors and windows propped open when unattended. Develop a key control procedure for your department. Do not label keys with names or personal information and immediately report lost or missing keys to your manager.

Reporting: Please immediately report all lost damaged or stolen property to your manager and designated Security provider. If you witness any unusual activity or suspicious persons, please also report this to your Manager. Information you have relating to any incident could prove to be valuable. Appropriate follow-up investigation and law enforcement contact will be undertaken by your Protection Services representative.

For more information, please contact your Integrated Protection Services Representative.

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