After breast cancer. After mastectomy. There is hope.

Feb 6, 2020 | News

Lucia and her familyLucia and her family

It all happened so fast. In only six weeks, Lucia went from being a healthy 40-something to a breast cancer diagnosis, double mastectomy, and breast reconstruction. Thanks to the care she received at the Providence Breast Centre, just seven months later, Lucia is back to her healthy, active self.

“It was amazing how quickly the Providence Breast Centre was able to pull everything together. They scheduled my mastectomy and reconstruction for the same day; booked my pre- and post-surgery appointments in advance; and made sure I had all the prescriptions I would need ahead of time. It was so reassuring.”

Lucia is grateful to the entire team but she singles out her “amazing” nurse navigator, Imelda, and surgeons Dr. Carol Dingee, who did her mastectomy, and Dr. Nancy Van Laeken, who did her reconstruction.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results,” says Lucia. “Even my oncologist said they look fantastic!”

A device so advanced, it’s like giving the surgeon X-ray vision

With so much at stake for vulnerable patients like Lucia, the Providence Breast Centre works hard to achieve the best possible outcomes. That means staying current with rapidly-evolving surgical tools and equipment.

This is where you and the Scotiabank Feast of Fortune come in. Now in its 13th year, our annual celebration of the Lunar New Year is also a critically-important fundraiser. This year, donations will support women’s heart, breast, and maternity care at both MSJ and St. Paul’s – including a state-of-the-art SPY-PHI imaging system for the Breast Centre.

Before the SPY system, breast reconstruction surgeons relied on their experience to attach the new tissue. The problem is, it’s impossible to see all of the tiny blood vessels. With the SPY, a special dye makes even the tiniest capillaries glow bright green. It’s so vivid, surgeons say it’s like having X-ray vision. They can make adjustments on the spot to prevent complications and promote faster healing.

You can help bring this life-changing technology to the women of BC. Please make your tax-deductible donation here. 

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