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Sep 2, 2016 | Spotlight | News

The PHC Antimicrobial Stewardship SubcommitteeThe PHC Antimicrobial Stewardship Subcommittee

What prompted PHC’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) to create the app?
We wanted to help prescribers optimize antimicrobial prescriptions and so we created a customized version of Spectrum MD’s mobile app for Providence Health Care.

What does the app do?
The app provides prescribers with easy access to resources including local clinical guidelines, antimicrobials on the hospital formulary (a list of medications that are readily available in the hospital), and antibiograms (tools used to identify patterns of antibiotic susceptibility in bacteria and reduce inappropriate antibiotic use).

There’s also a Call ASP Team feature that connects users directly to PHC’s ASP Physician or Pharmacist to help improve dialogue around “bugs and drugs.”

How do staff benefit from having the ASP guidelines readily available?
Improved access to the PHC Antimicrobial Stewardship guidelines informs learners of the optimal empiric management – an applied course of action/therapy in the absence of complete or perfect information, such as a blood culture – of common infections encountered among hospitalized patients. 

What does the ASP hope the app will accomplish?
We want the app to be used as a platform for increased awareness about the importance of appropriate antimicrobial prescribing. The hope is that all antimicrobial prescribers will use the app as a starting point for antimicrobial prescriptions. 

Who was involved in creating the app?  
The app was conceived by Spectrum Mobile Health who collaborated with a multidisciplinary team from the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services.

Development of the customized version for PHC was led by the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program clinical team, comprised of Drs. Victor Leung and Michelle Hinch, with the support of the PHC Antimicrobial Stewardship Subcommittee.

How can staff download it, and how much does it cost?  

It’s free for all PHC staff, physicians, trainees, pharmacists and nurses! 

  • Head to the iTunes app store:
  • Once downloaded, be sure to choose the “Providence Health Care” version
  • You can also find it by searching for "Spectrum MD" on the App Store.

Currently the app is for iPhones only; however, in the fall, the Android version will be available so stay tuned!

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