A big bucket – but an exciting one!

Mar 15, 2019 | News

This week we’re shining a light on another consistent bucket of feedback that we heard from you last fall: PHC’s attitude towards continual learning, mentorship, growth, and innovation.

Big bucket, right?

But it all kind of makes sense grouped together because a culture where every person can learn, grow, imagine and bring forward new ideas, and feel like their voice is heard and that they’re being invested in, seems like the type of world-class organization that can make the biggest difference to the people we serve. And that feels like a place where we would all want to work and stay and tell our talented friends about.

But, enough summarizing – let’s hear more of the particular insights and ideas that you had to say during last fall’s strategic planning engagement activities!


Did you miss our last two posts about engagement themes? Rest easy -- links to both are below for your reading enjoyment!

  • Not surprisingly, a consistent theme that we heard across the organization, regardless of the question that was asked, circled back to quality: Engagement Findings: Hot Off the Press
  • Here’s what you had to say about what it’s like to work here, what’s being done well, and how and what can be done to take better care of one another: It's All About You 

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