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Jun 28, 2018 | News

SafeNet MobilePass+ appSafeNet MobilePass+ app

Do you check Webmail ( from home or another remote location? Soon you’ll need the SafeNet app for that!

VCH and PHC have updated their Emailing Policy, which allows you to use your health authority email to send personal patient or employee information for PHC business as long as privacy and security risks are minimized.

SafeNet minimizes these risks. It provides what’s called “multi-factor authentication”, an additional security step that ensures you are who you say you are when logging into Webmail from a remote location (i.e. your home, office, or private clinic).

The free SafeNet MobilePass (or MobilePass+) app generates a passcode that you will use, along with a PIN and your network username/password, to log into Webmail remotely starting on Tuesday, July 10.

A screen shot image of the SafeNet MobilePass+ app showing a passcode.

What you need to know

If you…

Have used Webmail remotely in the past six months:

  • You will get SafeNet instructions sent to your health authority email before June 30. Please follow the step-by-step instructions ASAP to start using SafeNet.

Haven’t used Webmail remotely in the past six months:

  • The first time you log in remotely on or after July 10, we’ll send SafeNet instructions to your health authority email address from

Use a mobile app (e.g. Outlook, Mail) to check your health authority email on a synced mobile device.

  • You don’t need the SafeNet app.

The free SafeNet MobilePass (or MobilePass+) app:

  • Doesn't change your current access to applications and services.
  • Only generates passcodes for your login.
  • Takes up minimal space on a device.
  • Doesn’t require data after activation.
  • Doesn’t require cell phone coverage.

For more information, see IMITS Remote Access Tokens (you must be on the network to view it).


  • Contact Claudius Baumer, Project Manager, at            
  • For staff support with their token or remote Webmail access: please contact the Service Desk at 604-806-9333 or

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