Celebrate National Volunteer Week: April 15 - 21

Apr 12, 2018 | News

MSJ ER Waiting Room Ribbon Cutting CeremonyMSJ ER Waiting Room Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

What better time for us to recognize the phenomenal contributions of our PHC volunteers than during National Volunteer Week from April 15th to 21st ! Our incredible team of 1500 caring, capable, dedicated and enthusiastic individuals are part of the thread of our organization, providing excellence and enhancing patient and resident care. This coming week, please take the opportunity to thank our volunteers for the contributions they have made in your program areas.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the wonderful things our volunteers do every year…

  • Residential and acute care visiting volunteers not only share meaningful interactions, but also give out reading glasses, lens cleaners, ear buds, care items, books, puzzles, and deliver hundreds of Well Wishes. Many of these items are generously funded through the Foundation’s Enhanced Patient Care grants.
  • Over a dozen pet therapy teams visit patients across all our sites, often being able to reach the most isolated. Volunteer Linda and her pup Cooper is one particular team, that has been visiting every week since 2015 in SPH’s Mental Health program. Linda calls Cooper “a great little ambassador. Everywhere we go people smile, and we've learned that just about anywhere can be a good place to get an ear scratch or enjoy a nice belly rub.”
  • About 200 Spiritual Health volunteers share in Hymn Signs, one to one visiting, and in masses across all of our sites.
  • About two dozen patients receive professional haircuts from volunteer hairdressers at St. Paul’s every month.
  • St. Paul’s and MSJ ER and navigation volunteers helped over 76,000 people (at St. Paul’s 68,000 and at MSJ 8,000) this past year alone!
  • Fallunteer program volunteers at Holy Family Hospital assist elders with fall reduction and social engagement seven days a week

As well, PHC Volunteers are the reason our gift shop doors are open and thriving, providing a compassionate ear to customers, and raising funds to directly support residents and patients. To name a few funded projects this year, St. Paul’s Hospital volunteers purchased a number of urgently needed staxis. MSJ volunteers funded the designing and furniture for the newly renovated MSJ ER waiting room, as well as an ultimate walker for residential care. All PHC residential gift shops purchased companion cats for the eldercare programs. These are just a few incredible disbursements, and there are many more!

Judy has been volunteering with us for over 20 years.

Thank you PHC volunteers for everything you do, and for everyone who works and supports them!

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