Celebrate our past, imagine our future

Dec 12, 2019 | News

Imagine it’s 1894. Vancouver is rebuilding after a fire burned the entire town to the ground. The city is booming. The streets are teeming with millworkers, prospectors, Chinese labourers, and a steady stream of newcomers. But it’s crowded and the lack of sanitation has sparked epidemics of smallpox, typhoid, and measles.

One day, a train pulls into the station at the foot of Granville Street. Five French-speaking women — nuns from the Sisters of Providence in Montreal — step off the train with nothing but what they can carry and a courageous mandate to care for the growing city’s sickest and most vulnerable residents.

Fortunately, our Sisters are blessed with fierce determination. They raise $9,000, much of it from the very people they have come to help. The Sisters buy a scrubby parcel of land at the muddy end of Burrard Street. They break ground for a new hospital in May and welcome the first patient on November 21, 1894.

Since that day, 125 years ago, we’ve been serving patients with the same compassionate and innovative care that has become our hallmark. And now we can imagine the next 125 years of care at the new St. Paul’s.

Imagine a purpose built hospital that streamlines services and programs that share resources and are integrated in a way that will allow you to care for patients, collaborate on new research, and train the next generation of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Imagine a complex of brand-new buildings entirely devoted to health care, life sciences, research, technology, and innovation where PHC’s rich culture of collaboration means discoveries in our labs can travel quicker than ever to our patients.

Imagine the entire campus seeded with the latest technology to facilitate radical advances in research and treatment where you will have access to the medical tools of the future: things like virtual reality, robotics, and artificial intelligence to improve patient care in real time.

One hundred and twenty five years after the Sisters demonstrated great courage and leadership, let’s follow in the Sisters’ footsteps of innovation and compassionate care.

Give today to celebrate 125 years of St. Paul's and support the next 125.

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