Celebrating a legacy of compassionate care: Long Service Recognition honouring our 2019 recipients starts soon!

Feb 13, 2020 | News

It’s time to celebrate! Get ready to recognize the 2019 recipients of PHC’s Long Service Recognition Awards.It’s time to celebrate! Get ready to recognize the 2019 recipients of PHC’s Long Service Recognition Awards.

How do we create a legacy of leadership in compassionate, mission-driven care? It starts with you.

Long Service Recognition at Providence recognizes our staff, medical staff and volunteers who have reached significant career milestones at PHC from five to 45 years-of-service, but what we’re really commemorating is so much more than tenure. We acknowledge and celebrate our people because it’s only through people – those we work with and those we serve – that we can carry on our legacy of compassionate care leading with empathy, social justice and innovation.

Starting in April, Long Service Recognition begins with site celebration events honouring the 2019 recipients who have chosen – year after year – to dedicate their time, knowledge, skills and expertise to ease the suffering of our patients, residents and families throughout our 17 sites and in the communities we serve.

Check your email for your Long Service Recognition package

Long Service packages including the schedule of recognition events and details on how to order your gift for those with 10 years-of-service or more, will be sent to recipients in early March. All are invited to join in the site celebrations honouring this year’s recipients; please speak with your supervisor, leader or manager if you will be attending while on shift.

Those celebrating 25 years-of-service or more will also receive an invitation to a special awards gala happening in late May; this event honours our longest serving staff as well as the winners of this year’s Mission Awards. Gala invitations will be sent out by email in the spring.

What’s new this year?

Each year, PHC’s Long Service Recognition Program honours our people who have dedicated 10 years or more at Providence with a gift as a small measure and symbolic token for the gratitude and respect we have for all PHC staff. We know it is impossible to reward in equal measure the invaluable impact our staff, medical staff and volunteers have on our patients, residents, families and their colleagues – with this in mind, changes to the long service gift program were made based on past recipients feedback, to better honour your contributions.

New this year, PHC staff, medical staff and volunteers who are celebrating 25 years-of-service or more at Providence will have the option to donate the value of their gift to benefit Providence in the Park, our bi-annual mission-driven community outreach event. This option was previously not available, but has been requested year after year. At this time, the option to donate is only available to 25+ year recipients.

We also looked at the most popular gift choices as selected by past recipients. In the past, while plenty of choices were available, the offering was generic and did not connect our people to Providence in a meaningful way. This year, all gifts will be engraved with the following differences:

  • Gifts for recipients celebrating 10, 15 and 20 years-of-service will be engraved with our PHC recognition logo, yet in order to do this, the choice had to be limited to one selection for each year only.  Each year provides a unique gift option, based on the most popular items selected in past years.
  • Gifts for recipients celebrating 25 years and up and will be engraved with our PHC recognition logo and their personal years of service.  Gift offerings at 25 years and over include a small variety of lifestyle gifts to choose from.

Long Service Recognition is an opportunity for us to formally thank our people for their contribution to improving countless lives; it’s also a chance to look back on our accomplishments, individually and as a collective, from our time here. This theme of carrying on tradition while never losing sight of what’s ahead pushes us forward to constantly evolve and find ways to make a difference, relieve pain, ease suffering, reduce harm and create safety. It’s what we do – leading with our heart, we spark innovation, transformation and change.

To learn more about Long Service Recognition at Providence see the Long Service Q&A below and find more information on the Long Service Recognition at PHC's intranet page here.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating a service anniversary at Providence Health Care!

Additional Resources:

Long Service Recognition page: http://phc-connect/hr/recognition/longserviceawards/Pages/default.aspx 


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