Celebrating those who lift up patient care

Apr 12, 2018 | News

For five days starting April 23, Providence’s Care Experience team will applaud the efforts and commitment of everyone who contributes, day in, day out to making our patients’ and residents’ care the best it can be.      

These are the doctors, clinicians, non-clinical staff and our valued patient-and-family partner volunteers dedicated to not only caring for patients but also the family members who are central to the care of their loved one.

From April 23 to 27, the Care Experience team will bring its celebrations to PHC’s acute care hospitals, residential care sites and some outpatient clinics to celebrate Patient Experience Week. 

Team members, led by Kate McNamee, Practice Consultant, Professional Practice and Nursing, and Kelly Third, General Nurse Educator, Care Experience, will hear what patients and their families have to say about their time at PHC and recognize those who contribute to making the time a positive experience. 

Why is it so important that we collaborate closely with patients and their families? 

Quite simply, research has shown that when we partner with patients and give them a voice in their care, we help their health outcomes.  And devoting a week to our Patient- and Resident-centred work lets the team reflect on its progress through the years and on ways to improve future work.

The week includes an Appreciation Event for the Patient Family Partners who have volunteered their time to help improve the planning, delivery and evaluation of care at PHC. Read about three of our fabulous partners here.

There will be refreshments, activities, photo opportunities and time to connect with other Patient Family Partners.   If you have volunteered with Providence Health Care as a Patient Family Partner, please email Kelly Third for more information about this event – kthird@providencehealth.bc.ca .

As part of the week’s events, there are two new activities this year: the Human Connection Challenge and the Appreciation Stars. 

The Human Connection Challenge will let staff draw from a hat a challenge for the day to inspire more human connection in the day-to-day practice.  One might be: “Learn three new things about your patient that has nothing to do with their clinical status” or “Smile and greet at least five people during your shift.”  

Patients and residents can use an Appreciation Star to thank someone who has made a difference for them, whether a volunteer, family caregiver, nurse, housekeeper, social work, physiotherapist, physician or meal service attendant. So many people work tirelessly to provide good care and these stars will truly make those people, many of them unsung heroes, feel valued.     

The Care Experience is one of Providence Health Care’s five strategic directions. We collaborate with Patient Family Partners to ensure that their perspective is incorporated into the policies, programs and in the delivery of care.   The Care Experience aims to provide culturally safe, socially just, and person-centred care to patients, residents, and families PHC serves.   

Patient Experience Week is an annual event first introduced by the Texas-based Beryl Institute to celebrate everyone who has an impact on the patient experience.   

Providence values all you do to elevate the experience of patients, residents and their families. This is your week. Please enjoy it.

And thank you.




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