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Oct 19, 2016 | News

Talena Hale (top) chose a pair of movie tickets as her prize. Allen-Marie Carbungco (bottom) chose a Starbucks gift card.   Talena Hale (top) chose a pair of movie tickets as her prize. Allen-Marie Carbungco (bottom) chose a Starbucks gift card.


The good news is that well over 1,000 people have now responded to the PHC Check-In Survey. The bad news is that an error by Leger Metrics, our survey vendor, resulted in loss of answers to the final open-ended question, "What ONE CONSTRUCTIVE THING would improve your quality of life at work?"

That is a very important question, and we need your help to recreate your answers. We really want to know what you have to say! 

Leger Metrics deeply regrets the error. They have provided a link back to the final question for those who have completed the survey. Please

  • If you took the survey before noon on Friday October 21st,  visit to re-enter your suggestions. As with the original survey, all responses are confidential.  No report on this survey will ever contain any of your identifiable personal information.
  • If you took the survey after noon last Friday, your suggestions were captured and no action is needed.
  • If you did not yet take the survey, visit

One in every 100 survey participants wins a ‘thank you’ prize. YOU could be among them. 

The content of our 2016 Check-in Survey is new to PHC and is quite different from our last survey, which was in 2013. We no longer ask about ‘your best friend at work’. The survey now asks about factors that research has shown have the biggest impact on the comfort and effectiveness of Canadian healthcare workers. Taking the 10-minute survey at helps your team and the organization maintain a healthy workplace as we prepare for the changes ahead. Our first two ‘thank you’ prize winners were enthusiastic about the new survey content.

Talena Hale, a Clinical Nurse Leader in ABSU at St Paul’s, liked the questions about her immediate supervisor. “I report to Pat Munro,” she explained, “who is very supportive and receptive to feedback.” Allen-Marie Carbungco, a Biomedical Technician at Lions Gate Hospital, liked answering the open-ended question about one constructive thing to improve the workplace. Not only did they find the questions of interest, both of these ladies won an unexpected treat. Talena chose movie tickets for her prize, and Allen-Marie chose a Starbucks card.

Find out what questions interest YOU and you, too, could win a nice ‘thank you’ prize! Take the Check-in Survey at, or find your survey invitation from Leger Metrics in your work email on October 17.  

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