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Mar 10, 2016 | News

CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Rita McCracken, Karin Humphries, Verena Strehlau, Martha Mackay, and Josie Geller.CHÉOS Scientists Drs. Rita McCracken, Karin Humphries, Verena Strehlau, Martha Mackay, and Josie Geller.

For International Women’s Day, we are highlighting CHÉOS research on sex and gender differences in health care, and women’s health.

Fun fact:

Our core operations team is 73% female.

Drs. Karin Humphries, Martha Mackay, Eric Grafstein and colleagues recently presented their research on sex differences in cardiac troponin (cTn) at the European Society of Cardiology Prevention Meeting. Researchers found women were more likely to have cTn levels below the diagnostic threshold and women experienced less chest pain than men, even at the highest cTn levels.

CHÉOS Researchers Dr. Peter Dodek, Jean-Francois Kozak, Monica Norena, and Hubert Wong have published work showing that more men than women are admitted to ICUs.

Dr. Martha Mackay and colleagues have published results regarding sex differences in symptoms of myocardial ischemia using balloon inflation during angioplasty as a model for spontaneous ischemia. Researchers found that there were no sex differences in the reported rates of chest pain between men and women, but that women reported throat, jaw, and neck pain significantly more than men did.

Dr. Nadia Khan and colleagues found that women with acute coronary syndrome were more likely to present without chest pain than men (19.0% vs. 13.7%), and young women without chest pain had fewer symptoms in general than women with chest pain, with similar findings in men.

Research by PhD Trainee Heather Palis found that among long-term opioid-dependent men and women in Vancouver’s DTES, women focused on the desire for more collaborative care (e.g. shared decision-making, improved communication) while men discussed challenges with treatment accessibility and environments (e.g. daily pharmacy visits).

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