CNA Certification: PHC ICU nurses did it again!

Sep 12, 2019 | News

Tea for Martina (Jan 2019). Left to Right: Susan Bello, Louise Warnock, Martina O'Regan, Vini Bains, & Kevin CarierreTea for Martina (Jan 2019). Left to Right: Susan Bello, Louise Warnock, Martina O'Regan, Vini Bains, & Kevin Carierre

We are proud to add three more names to our ICU's Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Certification Plaque this year: Martina O’Regan, Kiley Moore-Dempsey and Syma Rajan. Martina and Syma were study buddies for last fall’s exam so they held an afternoon tea in celebration of this achievement earlier this year. Kiley took full advantage of an unexpected shoulder injury by studying for the spring exam while recuperating. Now that is dedication worth raising a cup of tea for; which we did, just last month.

PHC ICU nurses celebrate recent CNA certification win and recognition with tea and sweets! Tea for Syma Rajan & Kiley Moore-Dempsey (L - R).

Earning this nationally recognized credential in critical care nursing is quite an accomplishment that demonstrates clinical expertise, advanced knowledge, and commitment to professional development to maintain their certification. To earn this credential, one must first have at least two years of recent clinical experience and pass a rigorous knowledge-based exam. In BC, currently there are only 91 nurses who have earned their CNA Certification in Critical Care Nursing and now, at St. Paul’s we have 13 CNA certified nurses!

The ICU Certification Plaque, mounted outside the ICU entrance doors lists, now includes Martina O’Regan, Kiley Moore-Dempsey and Syma Rajan's names -- congratulations! 

Having even a small number of CNA-certified nurses on your team has been shown to improve patient safety and outcomes. Since Kiley, Martina and many other members of our Critical Care Outreach Team also have earned this credential, we know their commitment to excellence is enhancing patient safety both within our ICU and throughout St. Paul's.

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