CST welcomes new PHC clinical recruits to the team

Feb 8, 2019 | News

New PHC clinical informatics specialists are working with the CST team, helping us get ready. New PHC clinical informatics specialists are working with the CST team, helping us get ready.

Over a dozen PHC clinical informatics specialists began the new year with a comprehensive orientation preparing them for their new role, and welcoming them to the CST team.

The new recruits met and heard from CST’s clinical informatics leads and members of the design and technical teams. The weeklong orientation also covered an overview of CST project drivers, governance and terminology, plus a demo of the new system.

“Orientation week was excellent and full of great content,” says Cilla Tonks, one of the new PHC clinical informatics specialists. “There was a lot of new information to take in - and there is still a lot to learn - but my biggest takeaway from the orientation was how much support we’re getting from the CST team.”

Cilla worked in the ED at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital for the past 11 years and she’s excited to take on this new role that acts as a bridge between PHC and the CST project team before, during and after go-live.

Five ways clinical informatics specialists will support us:

  1. Introduce key concepts to staff through workflow reviews, skill sharpeners and demos.
  2. Work in tandem with physician champions to guide staff through the changes.
  3. Contribute to critical pre go-live activities.
  4. Provide on-site support for physicians, clinicians and staff during go-live.
  5. Champion CST implementations across PHC programs and sites, and sites across VCH and PHSA to ‘pay it forward and pay it back’.

What’s next

With orientation complete, PHC clinical informatics specialists are now spending more time at CST headquarters, learning under CST clinical informatics leads before getting ready for the next implementations. 

“Everyone I have met so far is so devoted to their work and they go above and beyond,” says Cilla, who’s also been embedded in the CST project’s Emergency design team room, helping make sure the system works for PHC. “Joining this team has been truly inspiring and you can’t help but want to up your game.”

Learn more about Cilla in this week’s Meet and Greet!

PHC people see CST in action

Curious PHC physicians, nurses and clinical staff are visiting Lions Gate Hospital to ask questions and hear what’s changed for health care professionals after go-live.

Groups that have visited so far include Medicine, Cardiac, Renal, Rehab, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Respiratory Therapy, Dietetics, Urban Health, Professional Practice, Infection Control, Ambulatory, Maternity and Mental Health.

“Our visit helped make CST more real,” said Blaine Bray, Program Director for Acute & Tertiary Mental Health. “The team at Lions Gate answered our questions with practical demonstrations and advice. The visit also helped us think about how we’ll focus on some of the potential challenges ahead.”


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