Dear EFAP: I'm too tired to talk to my partner at night

Jan 18, 2018 | News

Thank you to those who have written to “dear efap” for input on your dilemmas. As you are aware, we read every inquiry that comes in but we are only able to print a small selection of responses. Our “pithy” answers are modeled after the lighter hearted Dear Abby style and are grounded in common sense. If your issues require a more personalized level of support please call Employee Wellness/EFAP (1-800-505-4929) and we can confidentially book you a counselling appointment with a senior level therapist.

We welcome all inquiries – please submit these to All printed responses use the anonymous descriptor that you sign your inquiry with and do not reveal any identifying information. Our goal is to support you through insight and common sense.

Below is our response to the next selection – enjoy!

I am miserable. All my partner wants to do it talk about stuff late at night. I am exhausted. It is not a lie. I work long shifts with demanding patients and I am really just tired. She is very sensitive and goes off when I say that I need to go to sleep. I am getting tired of her reactions. So what do you think? Simply put, is it alright to just be honest and say I really care for her and we can talk in the morning , but I cannot talk now as I am completely exhausted and need to go to bed?
- Too tired to talk

Dear Too tired to talk,
Simply put… Yes.

* * *

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