Dear EFAP: My old college flame recently moved to town

Feb 22, 2018 | News

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My old college flame recently moved to town. He is now single. In college we were a bit of an item and he unceremoniously dumped me. I was mad about him and heartbroken when he ended it back then. Truth be told, I probably never really got over it, or over him. I am single and I want to reach out to him and get together. What do you think?
- Am I Playing With Fire?

Dear Am I Playing With Fire?
Yes, I actually think that you are playing with fire here. I get that this guy was the true love that got away and that now you are both free you’d like to try it again, but I worry a bit about a reconnection. This guy broke your heart once and I’m just a bit concerned this time round he might just do it again.

The other way to look at it of course is to consider that back then he was young (and maybe foolish) in college, and since then may have grown up a bit, and so might well be up for another go at a relationship between the two of you. I would say for sure connect, but please proceed with caution. I would encourage you not to lay all of your cards on the table on the first meeting. Instead proceed slowly and respectfully. You need to figure out who this man is now, and not rely on your rose-tinted yesteryear view of him. A lot can happen.

It is exciting to rekindle the past, but as I said, and you duly wondered, it is a bit like playing with fire. So my friend, do be careful not to get burned.

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