Discover three ways our pharmacy team is making a difference in our patient care experience

Apr 5, 2018 | Spotlight

I love pharmacy because…

We are a team.

Teams may vary in their composition, practice settings and appearances, but they share the desire to achieve a common goal. At Providence Health, our healthcare teams work together to treat patients how they would like to be treated. We are able to achieve this goal by sharing our unique skill sets with one another.

The PHC Pharmacy Department, which is made up of administrative staff, Pharmacy Assistants, Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists, work closely with healthcare providers to provide safe and effective care for our patients.

Hospital pharmacy teams make a difference in a number of different ways:

  1. As medication experts
  2. As integral members of the health care team
  3. By providing patient-centered care and effective education for patients

During Pharmacy Awareness Month in March, the pharmacy team reached out to care providers across PHC and in the community who shared what they valued most about collaborating with pharmacists, assistants and technicians.

Check out some of the reasons why you loved Pharmacy!

1. We provide safe and effective drug therapy.

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure patient medications are necessary, safe and effective.

2. We support our community.

The SPH pharmacy team recognizes that education empowers everyone! We shared our knowledge on stimulant, alcohol and opioid overdoses at an education session with Inner City Youth.

We also supported second-year UBC Pharmacy Students in their endeavour to provide Opioid Overdose teaching to students on campus for Pharmacy Awareness Month.

Hospital and community pharmacists work together to provide seamless transition when patients are discharged. We showed our gratitude for our community pharmacy colleagues and asked for their feedback on our new Med Rec on Discharge Prescriptions.

3. We are healthcare superheroes!

Stephanie Hsieh, clinical pharmacist at the Atrial Fibrillation Clinic, is one of the four 2018 PHC Heart Centre Unsung Hero Award recipients.  She is recognized for her dedications in optimizing medication therapy for her patients, and involvement in research to improve patient care. Check out the video here on her great contributions to the AF clinic.   

Bita Bateni and Tania Alia are two pharmacists featured in March issue of  CareConnections. Bita is the Clinical Pharmacy Specialist with Solid Organ Transplant Program, and Tania is the clinical pharmacist with the Heart Function Clinic. Check out the CareConnection article to learn about what exciting things that these pharmacists do! 

Discover the other reasons why you should love our pharmacy team!

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