Earth Month Celebrations at PHC

Apr 6, 2016 | News

Stefanie MacLeod (Clinical Nurse Leader); St. Pauls Hospital 5C/D Cardiac Short Stay Unit.Stefanie MacLeod (Clinical Nurse Leader); St. Pauls Hospital 5C/D Cardiac Short Stay Unit.

Image: Stefanie MacLeod (Clinical Nurse Leader); St. Pauls Hospital 5C/D Cardiac Short Stay Unit.

Earth Month Celebrations

Each year on April 22nd, more than one billion people worldwide celebrate Earth Day by adding their voice and actions to the largest environmental event in the world. Earth Day has become a powerful symbol of the interconnection between the health of people and the health of our planet. Over the month of April, GreenCare will be celebrating the contributions that staff from PHC are making towards improving the health and wellness of our natural world. Keep an eye out for our weekly profiles throughout April.

Contributing to Earth Day
Meet Stefanie MacLeod, Clinical Nurse Leader, PHC employee and recycler extraordinaire.

Did you know the catheterization laboratory at St Paul’s is continuously working to reduce its expenditures on materials? They reduce waste by using only the supplies that are necessary and prevent over stocking or expiration of materials.

Q. Describe your role within health care.
As a Clinical Nurse Leader, I am responsible for coordinating the unit nurses. It is my job to coordinate and run day-to-day point-of-care operations within our area.

Q. You’ve been a Recycling Champion for over four years. Tell us what you’ve learnt in that role?

I’ve learned that people want to recycle. But it can be difficult to create the right environment for recycling in hospitals, and make sure that we are recycling the right things. It’s difficult to define the difference between what we can recycle at home and what we can recycle here in the hospital. And because of that it can hard to keep people motivated.

Q. What are your future goals as a Recycling Champion?

We need to take the next step and focus on reduction of waste. Our unit is becoming very good at reducing plastic waste by using fewer supplies. We are using LEAN processes in our catheterization laboratory and procedure rooms to standardize and reduce our equipment – where another lab may use 10 of something, we use 2. We also try to choose products that aren’t plastic – for example, using a paper tray instead of a plastic one because the paper is biodegradable.

Q. What does celebrating Earth Day mean to you?

Earth Day gives us the chance to reflect on how what we’re doing is affecting the planet; it’s an opportunity to think about the bigger system. Hospitals are the worst producers of waste – celebrating Earth Day prompts us to step back and think about what we can do to be better. We need to strive to be more sustainable so we can ensure that we can all live on this earth.

Earth Month Celebration: Add your voice!
Throughout April we will be posting content on the site to celebrate the many actions that staff take to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd and everyday.

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