Emergency eye care at Teck Emergency Centre enhanced thanks to EPC grant

Jan 21, 2016 | News

“Patients presenting to St. Paul’s Emergency with eye injuries is common,” says Nurse Educator Glenn Cardinal. “Most frequent are foreign bodies in the eye(s), which can be extremely painful, especially when it comes to minute fragments of metal, glass shards or other sharp debris.”

Emergency physicians are usually able to treat even serious eye injuries. In some cases, however, a patient must be taken from the Teck Emergency Centre to St. Paul’s Ophthalmology Clinic for treatment. But Ophthalmology is on a different floor, so the ophthalmologist on duty in Emergency must escort a patient upstairs to the Clinic if the injury occurs outside of business hours.

Anastasia Elworthy (Operations Leader, Surgical Ambulatory Clinics) saw an opportunity to apply to St. Paul’s Foundation for an Enhanced Patient Care (EPC) grant to acquire additional equipment that, while important, might not be considered a priority for the department’s capital list.

“The EPC grant presented an opportunity for us to get this equipment,” says Pat Munro, the Emergency Department’s Operations Leader. “Without the EPC grant, we might not have it, or at least not so quickly.”

“We’re now able to do more in the Emergency Department,” says Pat. “The ophthalmologist can actually work here. We have reduced the need to move the patient to another area. For issues of workload and work flow it has made a great difference.”

Enhanced Patient Care grant amounts range from a few hundred dollars to five thousand dollars. Calls for applications are announced each summer (watch for it in PHC News).

Read more about the equipment used and EPC Grants.

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