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Jun 28, 2018 | News

The people who are often most deserving of recognition seldom seek it out. This is especially true in the health care field, which attracts so many people who just want to help others.

And we know that at Providence an unwavering commitment to those we serve, especially society’s most vulnerable, is what calls many of us to this work, this organization, these patients and residents.

It’s not a job, it’s a calling.

But the many life-changing, practice-shifting, heart-touching contributions made by Providence staff, medical staff, researchers and volunteers shouldn’t go unnoticed.

From the intimate – like performing an impromptu bedside blessing ceremony – to the system-wide – like transforming how we care for our seniors – this work carries the same impact: improving the lives of those we serve.

The goal of this year’s Annual Report theme, "We Are Providence," celebrates this – the diverse nature of the work we do, and the ability of Providence People to always cater to the needs that are greatest.

We are healers, pioneers, innovators. We are partners on our patients’ and residents’ journeys. We lead with purpose, and are grounded in compassion, social justice, and exceptional care.

Join us in celebrating the moments and milestones, big and small, from 2017/18 in this year’s digital annual report.

Here’s to an amazing year! 


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