Facing Horizons Together: Heart and Lung Health FEST 2018

Jan 18, 2018 | News

The annual Heart + Lung Health FEST provides an incredible opportunity to engage and learn alongside professionals from all relevant heart and lung domains. Hosted by the Institute for Heart and Lung Health, FEST 2018 will offer participants the opportunity to hear from top experts, present their posters, network with like-minded scientists, clinicians and community leaders, and celebrate successes in research and knowledge advances.

This year’s theme, Facing Horizons Together, acknowledges the great need for different viewpoints, tools, technologies and resources to pursue important questions in the laboratory, clinic and community. Trainees, faculty and staff will deliver a cross-cutting program which is built around three major sub-themes:

  • Collision of Care Needs, Engineering, Imaging and Clinical Leadership.
  • Molecular Basis of Health & Disease.
  • Data-Harnessing, Sharing and Benefits.

All researchers, staff, students and trainees of all levels are invited to attend. This is a great opportunity for students and trainees to share your research with our great community of scholars and practitioners and to garner valuable feedback from experts in your field! Students and trainees who are interested should submit poster abstracts by January 19, 2018.

Register online at fest.heartandlung.ca. Questions? Contact Paula Piper at paula.piper@hli.ubc.ca

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