Finding hope and light – even in the darkest times

Nov 23, 2018 | News

Lights of HopeLights of Hope

This is the story of Twyla Doyle-O’Reilly, in her own words.

“My brother, Fenton, had a rare and incurable muscular disorder called amyloidosis. While he received excellent care at St. Paul’s Hospital, the disease eventually destroyed his heart to the point where his only chance was a transplant.

A heart became available in early December 2010, but wasn’t a match. You can imagine our disappointment! Then, on December 31st, Fenton received notification that another heart was available. Feeling very anxious, we went to the hospital to see if this heart would be a match.

Because we’d just been through the process, I knew we would be waiting for a while. So I ran across the street to get the newspaper. As I walked back across the street, I paused for a moment and closed my eyes to make one more desperate prayer.

Would you believe, that when I opened my eyes, the words “Lights of Hope” lit up in a brilliant display on the outside of St. Paul’s Hospital?! It was the sign I’d been looking for. And when I ran back to tell Fenton about what happened, he said, “Guess what? I’m getting a new heart on New Year’s Day!”

Hope is a wonderful thing. Fenton got a new heart and a new year of hope. My precious brother lived another five and a half years before the amyloidosis ended his life.

Your caring support of St. Paul’s gives patients like Fenton – and loved ones like me – hope in difficult times! I hope you’ll make a gift to the Lights of Hope campaign today.”

Read Twyla’s story in full here.

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