Forward: A Must-Read for Today

Jun 23, 2016 | News

Last week’s Annual General Meeting celebrated the many achievements, innovations and exceptional people that define this organization as a leader, and ensure that Providence’s vision maintains its forward momentum.

This year’s 2015-16 Annual Report celebrates much the same: the people, the ideas, the breakthroughs that are contributing to a future transformation that has immediate, tangible benefits to our patients.

Whether it’s the search for biomarkers in the labs of St. Paul’s Hospital, breakthroughs in HIV/ AIDS and Hepatitis C prevention, state-of-the-art surgery techniques, new home environments being created in our residential homes, ground-breaking outreach programs for mental health and addictions, or using innovations in improving emergency department care and access, this year's Report highlights the committment and brilliance of Providence staff, physicians, medical staff, researchers and volunteers who, each day, demonstrate their profound convictions, responding with all their knowledge and skills to improve the lives and ease the suffering of patients, residents and families throughout our sites and communities.

Congratulations on an excellent year at Providence, and we hope you enjoy reading more about our journey forward.

Read the 2015-16 Annual Report for Providence Health Care


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