The Foundry shares real stories from young adults about mental health

May 11, 2018 | News

The Foundry, a Providence Health Care-hosted organization, is determined to transform how young people access health and social services throughout British Columbia. One of the solutions is to amplify young adults' voices when it comes to talking about mental health and wellness. 

You are never alone when it comes to facing mental health challenges.

A staggering 3.2 million Canadian youth are at risk for developing depression and now, more than ever, young people are struggling with mental health issues in silence. Due to stigmatization, discrimination and social pressures, young people are sometimes afraid to seek help and may feel alone in their mental health journey. As a result, the Foundry is sharing real stories of young adults who are opening up about their personal experiences coping with mental health challenges. 

Discover real stories told by young adults on the Foundry's website:

  • Nicole seemed like she had it all: she was a top student and the captain of the school's cheerleading squad. But below the surface, things weren’t quite as they seemed.
  • After living through an eating disorder, Tesa felt like she was given a second chance in life. Now, she’s intent on making it count.
  • Erin knows that getting help for her mental health sooner could have stopped things from spiraling out of control. That’s why she’s on a mission to tell young people to get help early.

Learn more:

Discover tools, resources and support that are available for your own personal mental health and wellness journey.

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