Gender-based violence – A free, online course for health sector workers

Feb 22, 2018 | News

Gender-based violence is a serious health issue that impacts many people in Canada, especially women and girls. It takes many forms, including intimate partner violence and sexual assault. One of every three women worldwide has reported being physically and/or sexually violated by an intimate partner, and in general girls have a 2.5-3 times higher risk of sexual assault than boys. The effects of gender-based violence are vast and can include: ongoing emotional issues; plans or acts of self-harm or suicide; frequent, repeated, not-well-explained injuries; unwanted pregnancies; and unexplained chronic pain, among others.

The World Health Organization, Status of Women Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada all recognize the need for improving the health sector’s response to gender-based violence. According to the World Health Organization, “a healthcare provider is likely to be the first professional contact for survivors of intimate partner violence or sexual assault.” It is essential to improve the healthcare response to gender-based violence in order to better support survivors in their disclosures, and to shift the public perception to emphasize that gender-based violence is unacceptable.

As someone working in the health sector, you have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the health and safety of your patients. Are you aware of the signs of gender-based violence? Do you know how to respond?

We are excited to announce the creation of a free, online gender-based violence course created for anyone who works in the health sector. This course focuses on understanding, identifying, responding to, and addressing the impacts of gender-based violence. Through videos and self-paced activities, it will teach you skills and techniques for responding to disclosures of gender-based violence, and addressing the impacts of vicarious trauma, which may arise for some health workers.

Gender-Based Violence: We All Can Help will be an excellent addition to your professional development.

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