Get ready for patient safety week!

Oct 20, 2016 | News

Next week -- October 24 to 28 -- is Patient Safety Week in Canada.

Quality and Safety is one of PHC's strategic directions, and as a leader in compassionate, patient and family centred care, continuously improving the safety and quality of care provided so that patients and residents achieve the best possible health outcomes is a top priority.

Why is patient safety important?

  • An estimated 30,000 patients die from preventable incidences or medical errors each year.
  • An estimated 84,000 seniors are hospitalized each year due to a fall.
  • An estimated 200,000 patients will get an infection each year while in a hospital.
  • The Canadian Adverse Events Study (Baker et al 2004) found drug or fluid-related events were the second most common type of adverse event in Canadian hospitals, accounting for 23.6% of the total. The cost attributed to adverse drug events has been reported to be $4,028 per event (Etchells et al 2012.)
  • Researchers have calculated an estimated economic burden of preventable patient safety incidents in acute care in Canada for 2009 - 2010 to be $396,633,936 ($397 million). This estimate is only a small portion of the estimated entire cost of harmful incidents, and it does not include the indirect costs of care after hospital discharge, or societal costs of illness, such as loss of functional status or occupational productivity.

Things to do to prep for Patient Safety Week

Quality & Safety

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