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May 14, 2015 | PHC News

Katina and Chaarvi from Burrard Massage Therapy.Katina and Chaarvi from Burrard Massage Therapy.

At PHC, we’re committed to supporting staff health and wellness and ensuring that all staff have the resources and supports that enable rich, healthy and productive work and personal lives.

Last week’s 64th annual Mental Health Week presented the perfect time for us to connect with staff about mental health and mental wellness, and shed light on all of the resources PHC and our partners have to support you, and your families.

Equipped with tools, tips and swag, representatives from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), the Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP), various unions and PHC’s Occupational Health & Safety, Mental Health and Mental Wellness Working Group members and Human Resources advisors hit the road, spreading the word at our various sites about mental health and mental wellness in the workplace.

Missed out on the festivities?
Not to worry. We hit up the celebrations at St. Paul’s so that we could bring you all the highlights.

First off, we picked up as much info as we could on the resources, services and tools that PHC has put together to support us in our pursuit of sound mental health and mental wellness. If you want to find out more about the resources staff has access to, check out PHC Connect (and an online mental health and mental wellness toolkit will be launching in fall 2015, so stayed for announcements!)

Then we heard about the free massages, so the decision of where to spend our next 15 minutes was pretty clear. Thanks to the team at Burrard Massage Therapy who were on-site to work out knots and ease tense muscles.

In the blissful state that follows a good massage we continued on our booth tour, trying our luck in a WorkSafe BC draw (fingers crossed). 

Be sure to check out the list of tools, publications and other resources that WorkSafe BC has to help promote mentally healthy workplaces.

Next, we headed over to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) booth for a spin on their prize wheel. You know what else is worth taking a spin through? The CMHA's website. It's chock-full of BC-based info for adults, children and the workplace, not to mention their e-newsletter "Mind Matters." 

Granted, a steady crowd before us meant that they were out of prizes by time we got there but pretending like you're on the Price is Right never gets old. 

We then swung by the BC Nurses Union booth and took a “stress test.” The good news is that our results came back as calm and relaxed; the bad news is that it made us miss mood rings.

The BCNU Council is doing some awesome things in the way of a Mental Health Strategy. Read up on it, and all of their supporting resources.

We moved a booth over and chatted up Linda Rankin, coordinator of Health Promotions and Psychological Safety, who talked us through the resources that staff have access to, and shared tips on ways to increase our mental wellness and tools to address our mental health.

Just before leaving the event, we came across the “Not Myself Today” stickers and on account of the day being pretty awesome, we selected the mood that best reflected how we were feeling.  

"I would like to thank everyone who took the time to chat with us during National Mental Health Week about this very important topic. I also want to thank our community and Union partners who participated in our events — EFAP, Canadian Mental Health Association, WorkSafeBC, BCNU, HEU, HSA and Burrard Massage Therapy. There was a committee that put all of this together, so thank you to all of them, as well," said Sandy Coughlin, director, Occupational Health and Safety, co-chair, PHC's Mental Health and Mental Wellness Working Group.

"It is imperative that we keep talking and work on erasing the stigma attached to the words 'mental health' and start turning our minds to 'mental wellness.'  We encourage those around us to take care of their physical health and we must be equally encouraging to take care of our mental health. Let’s keep the conversation going."

PDF icon Download PHC's "Mental Health and Mental Wellness in the Workplace" brochure that details all of our supports and resources.

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