Happy World Hand Hygiene Day!

May 5, 2016 | News

Vicky from 10B, adding her pin to IPAC’s “Where in the World Have You Cleaned Your Hands?” map.Vicky from 10B, adding her pin to IPAC’s “Where in the World Have You Cleaned Your Hands?” map.

This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing their international campaign on improving hand hygiene practices in surgical services with the slogan: “See Your Hands: Hand Hygiene Supports Safe Surgical Care.”

Our surgical staff came out in full force to support the effort, eagerly signing the #SafeSurgicalHands pledge, spinning the prize wheel and putting their mark on the “Where In The World Have You Cleaned Your Hands?” map.

Caption: Bal and Danielle, members of PHC’s IPAC team, starting their World Hand Hygiene tour at SPH with surgical rounds.


Caption: Staff from 10AB get into the World hand Hygiene Day celebrations.


Caption: Surgical Day Care staff Fariba and Shehana make their mark on the map!


Caption: 10AB and 9CD staff’s signed commitment to safe surgical hands. If you want to see all of the collected pledges, as well as the map, check out the display board en route to the SPH cafeteria starting Monday, May 9!

And of course, in addition to ensuring safe surgical care for our patients, our Infection Control Practitioners made a stop at several of our units and sites, sharing the good word about preventing infections and practicing diligent hand hygiene. 

Caption: Staff in our ED, taking a turn at the wheel.

Caption: Multi-tasking on third floor Medicine - spinning the wheel and practicing hand hygiene.

Caption: Hand hygiene enthusiasm at Crosstown!

Caption: Staff at our Vancouver Community Dialysis Unit took part in the fun - look at the heat on that wheel! 

Caption: Having a hand hygiene ball at St. John Hospice!

​Caption: IPAC also hit up Nursing Orientation to make sure that our new nurses know the importance of hand hygiene in health care from the get-go..

The team still has one more stop scheduled for today, so staff at Youville and Brock Fahrni – not to worry, the prize wheel and map are still coming your way!

Thanks to all staff who participated in the week’s festivities – check out all of the action in our Flickr library.

And the fun continues with the launch of our “Guess What’s Wrong With This Picture?” contest. Be sure to play weekly!

Learn more about World Hand Hygiene Day.

For more information and to check out additional resources, check out IPAC on our intranet.


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