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Oct 1, 2015 | News

On September 29, members of Providence Health Care’s residential care community met for a half day Ideation Session to kick off phase two of the Residential Care for Me project.

Led by the Residential Care for Me committee and PHC’s Research & Design team, the session attracted 100 attendees including residents, family members, residential care staff, representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society, Tapestry Foundation for Health Care and members of the community.

The Ideation Session focused on “Flow of the Day” – one of seven key themes that emerged during the Insights Gathering phase – with the goal of coming up with ways to make residential care feel less institutionalized, and to hear this from the people who know it best: the residents, their families and the staff who work in residential care.

Grouped into small teams, the participants were led through a series of activities designed to break down preconceived barriers to change, and to help brainstorm new possibilities.

Participants brainstorm an ideal day in residential care.

“Design thinking is about co-creating solutions with residents, families and staff, but the other piece is about engaging them in the process and keeping them informed,” says Sonia Hardern, Research & Design Lead. “This Ideation Session did both.”

 Armed with materials such as popsicle sticks, plasticine and pipe cleaners, participants got their creative juices flowing and built prototypes depicting how we might create flexible, spontaneous homes that allow residents to choose how they go about their day and support staff to help make this happen:

A "Chair2Go" allows residents the freedom to come and go.

The "S.S. Golden Age" envisions an environment with round-the-clock activities.

The doors are always open at this flexible home, built on a foundation of love.

"The true gift of the session was being supported to invite people together to collectively harness their creativity in designing residential care for our future," says Jo-Ann Tait, Director Elder Care and Palliative Services Providence Health Care. "It gives me hope to see that we have such phenomenal talent within our reach - and it was our job to help them see that they possess this true gift that will help us change this part of the world for seniors care."

Following the Ideation phase, the team will begin small-scale testing of the prototypes at Holy Family Hospital.

In addition to Flow of the Day, the team is also focusing on the theme of Physical Environment with the help of Emily Carr Health Design Lab students. Ideation, prototyping and testing of the Physical Environment work will be done at Brock Farhni.

The Residential Care for Me innovation and improvement initiative is an integral part of the residential care clinical planning work that will serve as the blueprint for redeveloping and renewing our residential care homes and services.

The goal of this planning is to develop a 20-year vision for the expansion, improvement and delivery of health services across our residential care homes as part of the Ministry of Health’s vision for a more integrated and patient/resident-centered health system.



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