Introducing our Hand Hygiene Ambassador Volunteer Program!

Nov 23, 2018 | News

MSJ Volunteers Kiran Heer and Renee Hui testing out the purple GloGerm dome.MSJ Volunteers Kiran Heer and Renee Hui testing out the purple GloGerm dome.

This Fall, a collaborative pilot project between Volunteer Resources and IPAC, led to amazing results. In early September, a dozen of Providence Health Care volunteers, called hand hygiene ambassadors, were trained by Infection Control Practitioners, to educate fellow volunteers on the importance of hand hygiene, the five moments of hand hygiene, and correct handwashing techniques. A month later, these hand hygiene ambassador volunteers, who are incredibly focussed and passionate about enhancing patient and resident care, had reached over 83 fellow volunteers, by providing one to one and small group education sessions in our PHC volunteer lounges. This program has given our acute and residential volunteers leadership and educational opportunities, as well as practicing our organization’s values of stewardship and excellence.

Part of the education session involved volunteers rubbing their hands with a lotion called GloGerm. They were then asked to wash their hands as they normally would. After washing, volunteers viewed their hands under the purple GloGerm dome. A special light in the dome caused any remaining lotion to glow brightly demonstrating areas that the volunteers missed during their normal washing routine.

“This activity is highly engaging and the results are often surprising to the volunteers, plus you see a change in attitude towards hand hygiene" says hand hygiene ambassador volunteer, Andrea Fung, from Holy Family. Our departments’ goals were to reach and educate more volunteers before the start of flu season, and it was a success! The intention is to grow this program next year, to further support the health and well-being of our patients and residents.

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