Introducing PHC’s Health Care Awards Committee

Nov 19, 2015 | News

At PHC, a big part of our culture is based around recognition: praising the exceptional work of our colleagues and leaders, lauding the innovation that’s born within the walls of our facilities, and holding up staff who go above and beyond to rally a team or champion an initiative.

But submitting an award nomination for yourself, or on behalf of a leader, colleague or team can be a daunting task.

To ensure you have sufficient support—both technical as well as basic cheerleading—Camille Ciarniello, Aggie Black and Jessica Hainstock have teamed up to form the Health Care Awards Committee.

What it is

Leaving little to the imagination (let this be the first of many writing tips: say what you mean), the mandate of our committee is to solicit an increased number of top-quality award nominations from leaders and staff in three prominent Canadian heath care awards: Canadian College of Health Care Leaders Awards, Quality Awards: BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, and the Health Employees Association of BC Awards.                                    

We’re committed to heads-up emails, PHC News articles and ELF announcements to let you all know when award nominations open, and gentle follow-up reminders when deadlines are getting close (like the one for the CCHL awards – section A is due November 30!).

And in addition to reminders and announcements, we’re committed to helping you with the task of writing the application itself.

Writing workshops

We’ll be running three writing workshops in the New Year—Writing An Award Application; Writing for the Lay Public, for Newsletters & Writing a Conference Abstract; Writing for Peer-Reviewed Journals—and have attached a poster for your reference, so you can read up on each one and jot down the locations, dates, and times of the one(s) that call to you the most.

Stay tuned for more information on these to come in December’s PHC News.

How to connect with us

In addition to attending the workshops, you can call or email us:


Camille Ciarniello                                   


Aggie Black                                  

604-682-2344, local 66124             

Jessica Hainstock


Here’s to continuing to foster PHC’s culture of recognition, attracting the industry’s best and brightest, and celebrating our organization’s amazingness!


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