Last Chance: Get your flu shot before November 29!

Nov 23, 2018 | News

The PHC flu clinics will be coming to an end on Thursday, November 29. If you haven’t taken advantage of a flu clinic at your site, there is still time to get your flu shot at a PHC flu clinic before the flu season begins on December 1.

You can also get immunized by a Peer Nurse Immunizer (PNI) if one is on your unit or you can get immunized closer to home at your local pharmacy. To find the closest participating pharmacy near you, use the influenza clinic locator here.

All staff must self-report either having had the flu vaccine or their choice to wear a mask. If you have had your flu shot but haven’t self-reported or you will be wearing a mask during the flu season (December 1 - March 31) please self-report via the following links located below.

Self-report here:

Thank you to all who have to date, self-reported:

  • 1711 staff or 83.6% of direct care - flu vaccine
  • 42 staff or 2.0% of direct care - mask
  • 1031 or 50.9% of indirect care - flu vaccine
  • 59 or 2.9% of indirect care - mask

There is still time to get your flu shot at a PHC flu clinic but if you miss the opportunity, you can visit your local pharmacy or doctor’s office to get your free flu shot, then, self-report using the above link. Remember on December 1, if you haven’t had a flu shot or self-reported that you’ve had one, you will be required to wear a mask.

Your choice for self-protection this flu season helps protect your colleagues, patients and residents, and family and friends.

Flu season officially begins on December 1, so let’s all be prepared to have a flu-free season!

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