Launch of Residential Care Clinical Planning

Sep 24, 2015 | News

On September 8, 2015, Providence Health Care launched the clinical planning work that will serve as the blueprint for redeveloping and renewing our residential care homes and services.

The goal of this planning is to develop a 20-year vision for the expansion, improvement and delivery of health services across our residential care homes. The goal for completing the residential care clinical plan is February 2016.

The Ministry of Health vision for a more integrated and patient/resident-centered health system combined with the recent announcement for a new St. Paul’s Hospital health care campus provides PHC with a unique opportunity to influence the future of health care in BC and act as a catalyst for system-wide change, in collaboration with our regional and provincial partners.  

Working closely with Darlene MacKinnon, Robena Sirett will lead this residential clinical planning process. Robena has been the Operations Leader for MSJ Residence since December 2013. She brings a wealth of experience as the Clinical Planner for Older Adult Mental Health services under the Riverview Redevelopment Project. In addition to this clinical planning work, she will continue to be the Operations and Site Leader for Honoria Conway. She will temporarily be leaving her position at MSJ to create capacity for this critical work.

Through our Residential Care for Me initiative, we will continue to have ongoing engagement with our residents/families/staff/medical staff/community to create a shared vision for residential care and contribute to this clinical planning process.

Residential clinical planning will require the engagement of architectural consultants to work with the residential care team to create space and concept design options. These options will show how our residential care homes could look in the future.

The residential care clinical service planning team will be meeting over the coming weeks to initiate the first steps of this process. This will include identifying key engagement activities and an overall clinical services work plan.

In addition to site specific issues and opportunities, the planning team will be looking across the community to ensure that this residential redevelopment is connected to the broader PHC and regional planning processes. This will include residential care’s connection to the new St. Paul’s Hospital and the Heather Campus of Care.

Infrastructure Redevelopment

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