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Jan 8, 2020 | News

Last month, I wrote a brief article on “Recognition & Reward,” the seventh of 13 Psychosocial Factors as outlined in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety. These factors are elements that have the potential to positively impact employee mental health, psychological safety, and participation.

What is Involvement & Influence?

When was the last time a decision was made in your workplace that impacted the work you do? Were you involved in making that decision? Did you feel that your input was taken into consideration when the decision was made? When employees have the chance to be involved in the decision making process and influence the outcomes that affect them, they are typically more engaged in their work and committed to the organization.

Involvement & Influence is present in a workplace where employees are included in discussions about how their work is done and how important decisions are made. Opportunities for involvement can relate to an employee’s specific job, the activities of a unit or department, or issues regarding the organization as a whole.

If employees do not feel that their voice is being heard, they are likely to feel indifferent, cynical, and helpless, which can eventually lead to job dissatisfaction, burnout, and higher levels of turnover.

What can you do?

  • As a leader - Even though not every decision can be collaborative, it is important to keep staff in the loop and inform them why a decision was made. Leaders can also get staff input on how to roll out the plan so that they continue to feel involved.
  • As a worker - Support a culture of openness so that your co-workers feel safe giving their input as things come up…not just when requested by leadership.

Stay tuned for the next article on the ninth Psychosocial Factor – Workload Management in next week's PHC News.


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