Learn about the Psychosocial Factors – Recognition & Reward

Dec 19, 2019 | News

Last week, I wrote a brief article on “Growth & Development,” the sixth of 13 Psychosocial Factors as outlined in the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety. These factors are elements that have the potential to positively impact employee mental health, psychological safety, and participation.

What is Recognition & Reward?

Think of a time when you felt valued at work. What did you experience that made you feel that way? Was it because someone took notice and gave you positive feedback on something that you did? Did you receive special recognition in a team meeting? Maybe you felt appreciated because of a comment made by a patient or family member.

Recognition & Reward is present in a workplace where employees are appropriately acknowledged and appreciated in a fair and timely way. When this happens, staff tend to be more motivated, have a greater sense of pride in their work, and are more likely to treat others with courtesy and respect.

When employees believe that their efforts are not appreciated, it can impact their confidence at work and trust in the organization. An inequality between the amount of effort generated and recognition provided is a significant contributor to burnout and emotional distress, leading employees to feel demoralized and eventually quit. This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be recognized for every action they take. Rather, most people want to feel like what they do matters and that they are valued members of the organization.

What can you do?

• As a leader, you could ask how the worker would like to be recognized. Some may be shy and feel anxious about being recognized publicly. Perhaps having criteria or explaining to the team what a worker did to receive recognition, might help them understand how they too can be recognized.
• As a worker, if you see a co-worker or someone in leadership do something great, take the time to tell them. Positive verbal feedback can go a long way!

Stay tuned for the next article on the eighth Psychosocial Factor – Involvement & Influence.

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