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Jan 16, 2020 | News

2020 is a pivotal year for the new St. Paul’s.  It’s the year the hospital is scheduled to break ground at its new location on Station Street.  But there’s much to accomplish before that happens.  Here’s a glimpse of what to expect in the first year of a new decade that will bring us a brand new St. Paul’s.

The Word of the Year is Teamwork

Calling all physicians, clinicians and staff at St. Paul’s - we need your help.  Remember how we rallied together to learn and conquer CST?  It’s time to turn that laser focus to the new St. Paul’s.  We need your insight into what will make the new St. Paul’s the best hospital to serve the people of BC.  It will take time and many, many meetings.  But the result will be worth it.

In the next couple months, members of the Clinical Redevelopment Team will begin visiting every floor and department at St. Paul’s to bring you up to date on all the latest information and milestones associated with the new hospital and the Clinical Support and Research Centre.  These will be ongoing visits to keep you in the loop.  Please attend these informational meetings.

Collaborative meetings will continue for the next six months with the two proponent teams short-listed to design, build and partially finance the core hospital.  This is a highly confidential, rigorous and fair process.  More than a hundred clinicians and staff have been tapped on the shoulder to participate.  It’s a critical time and we need all hands on deck.  If you’ve been asked to participate, please lean into it.  This will help us build the best hospital to transform and deliver great care to British Columbians and attract great people to work with us. 

CSRC Update

This spring, the Business Plan for the Clinical Support and Research Centre (CSRC) will be submitted to the Provincial Government.   This is the development adjacent to the core hospital on Station Street in which we intend to house research programs, medical offices, a multi-use conference facility, a daycare and space for industry partners. 

Business Plan approval is expected in the fall of 2020 which will be followed by the preparation of procurement documents to search for a partner to develop the CSRC.  Construction is expected to start two years after the start of construction for the core hospital and will complete at the same time in 2026. 

Proponent Chosen

By the fall of 2020, a proponent will be chosen to build the core hospital.  That doesn’t mean the redevelopment team’s work is done and the design is complete.  Only the preliminary concept will be confirmed, meaning we’ll know the general layout, which departments are on which floors and where the stairs and elevators are located.  The more detailed design decisions will still need to be made and once again, that’s where your help is needed. For example, if you work in the Emergency Department, where is the best place to put the triage desk?  In the 548 single patient rooms, where should we place the beds in order to maximize patient and family privacy but also enable clinicians to easily monitor and care for their patients. Where should the equipment be located to maximize efficiency?

Your involvement and feedback is critical during this stage. Only you know the details that will make the new St. Paul’s more intuitive, efficient and welcoming for our staff and patients.  This will be an ongoing collaborative process that will take us through the next several years. 

Quality Forward

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