March is for music therapy!

Mar 22, 2018 | News

Mara Sawchyn and Lucy Thomas, celebrating music therapy with some trivia, fun, and of course, music!Mara Sawchyn and Lucy Thomas, celebrating music therapy with some trivia, fun, and of course, music!

To celebrate the season, on March 8, two music therapists at St. Paul's Hospital, Mara Sawchyn (Mental Health) and Lucy Thomas (Palliative Care), shone the light on all that music therapy can bring to our patient's and resident's care.

Staff, patients, and visitors were welcomed to the display table in the 4th floor hallway, just outside the St. Paul's cafeteria, where they engaged in fun games, browsed through resources including books, evidence-based articles, and instruments, and shared in conversations about the power of music.

Lucy with the music therapy display, which welcomed staff, patients and vistors to learn more about all that music therapy offers. Lucy's work in palliative care was recently highlighted in PHC News and by Global News.

Many people played the Spinning Pick Wheel, where they could either share a personal musical experience, or hear a "Did You Know?" fact about Music Therapy.

Mara with the Spinning Pick Wheel, in celebration of Music Therapy Month and World Music Therapy Day!

Guitar picks, donated by Long & McQuade, were given away just for stopping by, along with a chance to win a ukulele donated by Tom Lee. Staff member Kosa Matic, dietitian on 4NW- Eating Disorders, won the Ukulele out of several entries! 

Congratulations to ukulele winner, Kosa Matic!

Many popped in just to try the drums or fill out the #MusicMakesMe posters to express how music makes them feel. It was a great way to celebrate Music Therapy Awareness month! And thank you to all who gave of their time to stop by.

More about Music Therapy

  • Music therapy is the use of music and musical elements, by an accredited music therapist, for non-music goals.
  • Music has the ability to touch people in most profound ways through a variety of interventions created and prepared by skilled and accredited music therapists.
  • Music therapists use the creative process inherent in musical participation to assist individuals and groups to improve their mental, physical and emotional functioning. Music therapists work with deep emotions in specialized therapy programs using music, improvisational and counselling resources to achieve therapeutic goals ( .
  • For more information about Music Therapy in St. Paul's Hospital, you can contact: Mara Sawchyn (Mental Health) and/or Lucy Thomas (Palliative Care). We would be happy to share more information or direct you to relevant resources for your inquiries!

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