Measuring the effectiveness of Patient and Family Centred Care at Providence

Oct 20, 2016 | News

Beginning at the end of October 2016, Providence Health Care will launch an ongoing inpatient survey to collect, measure and evaluate the successes of our patient and family centred care (PFCC) initiatives.

Since the launch of the Care Experience strategic direction in 2012, we have been working to fulfill our aim that patients, residents and families experience culturally safe, socially just, patient and family centred care across Providence Health Care to improve quality and safety. To support this aim, more than 20 patient and family centred initiatives have been rolled out in the last four years, including the Family Presence Policy, Code (H)elp, the Professional Image Policy, as well as the integration of more than 300 Patient and Family Partners in over 80 committees and working groups. In addition to this specific work, programs across the organization have created opportunities for PFCC through patient, resident and or family input or partnerships.

The desire and need for this survey came because provincial survey data is provided to organizations every three years and we at Providence wanted more nimble data. The first phase of this survey roll out will be inpatient acute care areas excluding ED, Mental Health and Rehab areas. Residential Care and Ambulatory care will also be included in the next phase of the survey roll out as we access validated survey tools specific to these areas.

The acute care survey consists of four questions taken from the Canadian Patient Experiences Survey – Inpatient Care; this is a validated tool that provides provincial, national and international (USA) comparators. The 4 question survey will be administered to patients (expected to be discharged within 24 hrs) by volunteers using iPads at St. Paul’s and Mount Saint Joseph hospitals and will be anonymous – no patient identifiers will be gathered. The survey will be initially available in both English and Cantonese, with plans to add Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic and Vietnamese options in the coming months.

The survey questions:

1) Would you recommend this hospital to your friends and family?

2) Were you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about your care and treatment?

3) Were your family or friends involved as much as you wanted in decisions about your care and treatment?

4) Overall . . . (Please circle a number)

I had a very  -----------------------------------I had a very good
poor experience                                    experience

Eligible patients will be:
•           In hospital for a minimum of 24 hours
•           Likely discharged within 24 hours
•           Alert and oriented in order to understand and respond to the questions, or able to consent to a family member completing the survey on their behalf

The data will be managed by Administrative Data Support and reported back to patient care managers, program directors and physician program directors on a quarterly basis for review by the program’s Quality & Safety committees.


Please contact Kate McNamee, practice consultant for the Care Experience strategic direction at

Care Experience

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