Meet Grace van der Gugten, Assay Development Scientist at St. Paul’s

Jul 10, 2017 | Meet and Greet

assay development scientist Grace van der Gugtenassay development scientist Grace van der Gugten

Three out of four medical decisions at St. Paul’s can be based on results from the lab—meet one of the many behind-the-scenes stars

Grace van der Gugten is an assay development scientist in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at St. Paul’s, where her expertise in developing assays and using mass spectrometry make her a key figure in one of Canada’s most innovative medical labs.

To learn more about Grace, you only need to ask the people she works with.

“Grace makes everyone around her better,” Dr. Andre Mattman, a medical biochemist, says of his colleague.

“Grace underpins our entire assay program,” says Dr. Dan Holmes, Division Head of Clinical Chemistry at St. Paul’s, “and in the process has a profound impact on the entire hospital.”

“We need another Grace,” says clinical chemist Dr. Mari DeMarco, another appreciative colleague. “But to find someone like that is very difficult.”

To find someone worthy of such praise from her peers does sound difficult—but finding Grace, it turns out, was not so tough. Instead, it’s a story of serendipity.

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