Meet Kirsten Redman, Clinical Nurse Educator at St. Paul's Hospital

Feb 20, 2020 | Meet and Greet

This week, we're shining a light on Kirsten Redman, a Clinical Nurse Educator within the 5A Cardiology Unit at SPH and one of the four recipients of this year's Unsung Hero Awards -- congratulations Kirsten! 


Current Job Title:

Nurse Educator, Cardiology Unit

Previous Job Title:

Registered Nurse, CICU

Describe your job in one sentence:

I support RNs on 5A from the orientation program to continuing competence as a clinical practice support, protocol developer, and information distributor.

What’s your favourite thing about your work?

I love being a resource for RNs

How long have you worked at Providence?

Since 2004

Why Providence?

So many reasons! The people! The collegiality, excellence in clinical practice and research, and the ability to know that you have the vision, mission, and values to truly support the decisions you make day to day.

If you weren't a Nurse Educator, what would you be?

I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher when I was a kid.

What does your line of work mean to you?

Nurse educators work in the background to support best practice and patient care. Strong nursing education means more autonomy for nurses and safer patient care. I feel like I am here for the nurses as their resource support so they can enact the visible best practice.


Congratulations to Kirsten and the other three Unsung Hero Award recipients on their awards! 

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