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Jul 12, 2018 | Meet and Greet

The Residential Care for Me and Megamorphosis team winning the BC Health Care Award.The Residential Care for Me and Megamorphosis team winning the BC Health Care Award.

Meet the Residential Care for Me and the Megamorphosis team who recently won the BC Health Care Award for In Person Centred Care!

Who was on the project team that won this award?

  • Jo-Ann Tait, Corporate Director, Seniors Care and Palliative Services
  • Robena Sirett, Residential Care Clinical Planner and Manager, Honoria Conway Assisted Living
  • Sonia Hardern, Performance Improvement Consultant
  • Heather Mak, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Residential Care
  • Linda MacNutt, Consultant, Relationship Centred Care
  • Paul Whitehead, Consultant, Relationship Centred Care
  • Residential Care for Me Navigation Group
  • Youville Residential Care Team (residents, staff and families)
  • Brock Fahrni Residential Care Team (residents, staff and families)

Describe the work that your team does in one sentence:

We are shifting the culture in our care homes from an institutional to a social model of care in order to create homes where we would all want to live, hence our name: Residential Care for Me

You won the Gold Apple Dianna Mah-Jones Award of Excellence in Person-Centred Care. What does “Person-Centred Care” mean to your team?

Person-centred care is about building relationships and emotional connections with our people by getting to know each person’s life story. It’s about understanding what brings meaning to each person’s life, recognizing each person’s strengths and allowing people to live with purpose by letting them direct each moment, regardless of their physical ability.

What does this recognition mean to your team?

It is an honour to receive this inaugural award and to share this recognition with our residents, families and staff who are the driving force and heart behind this work. It is both validating and motivating to know that we are on the right track in our quest to improve every resident’ quality of life.

What inspired Residential Care for Me?

Residential Care for Me was inspired by the staff, residents and families at our homes.  The Residential Care leaders had been hearing for years how things were changing, that the people coming to live in residential care had more complex conditions and that we were struggling to keep up. So together as a team, they decided to get help from Sonia Hardern and the Quality Improvement Team at Providence to dig deep into the experience at our homes from the perspective of residents, families and staff. They heard some tough messages from people who were stepping into our homes for the first time and telling  them what it looked like, felt like, sounded like….smelled like. Motivated by this information, they have been committed to this journey of changing the culture of residential care for the last four years. As the team continued to learn more and research best practices, they have additionally been inspired by some amazing work being done around the world, such as the Butterfly Homes which started in the U.K., the Greenhouse Model in the United States, and de Hogewyk in Netherlands.

Describe the goal of Megamorphosis:

The goal of Megamorphosis is to rapidly test ideas that we think will achieve our three goals:

  • Emotional connections matter most.
  • Residents direct each moment.
  • Home is not just a place, it is a feeling.

The idea is to not spend too much time planning and to just TRY things that will raise the bar for each of our residents. Megamorphosis is about giving staff the permission to do things that they have always wanted to try but never felt they were able to do because of all of the “tasks” that need to get done. Megamorphosis is about making sure that those who are closest to the residents (residents, families, and the care aides) are the ones who have the most say in decisions that affect the residents.

What do you think the future of residential care/Megamorphosis will look like?

All of the work that is being done as part of Residential Care for Me and Megamorphosis has actually been informing what residential care will look like in the future. You may have seen the media coverage around the “Dementia Village” that is being planned for the St. Vincent’s Heather Redevelopment. This is our vision for the future: small households where the residents and the care aides of the household plan the day together. There is lots of outdoor space for people to get outside and go for walks, all while being safe and surrounded by a supportive community within the walls of this village. The environment is bright, colourful and vibrant. There are clubs that people can join based on their interests, and the young and the old are brought together to enjoy each other’s’ company.

Megamorphosis allows us to test out many of these ideas and principles in our current homes. The next home to experience Megamorphosis will be Mount Saint Joseph's Residential Care. We are also creating households in the North Wing of Holy Family to further prototype these ideas and start the culture shift before a new building is built. 

What is a quote that describes your team and the work that you do?

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

Congratulations again to the Residential Care for Me and the Megamorphosis team on their recent award!

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