The Megamorphosis is coming to a residential home near you. Are you ready?

Jan 26, 2017 | News

“You are amazing. We need your help.”

These were the two key points that Jo-Ann Tait, program director, Elder Care and Palliative Services, wanted residents, families and staff to take away with them after attending one of two townhall meetings held Wednesday, January 18 at Youville’s Marguerite Place to introduce the next phase of the Residential Care for Me project: Megamorphosis.

The initiative is integral and closely related to the ongoing Residential Redevelopment Project planning, which envisions changing residential care from an institutionalized medical model of care to a social model where first and foremost we create a home and community that our residents would want to live in. The project is planning for modern, new homes on PHC’s St. Vincent’s: Heather site at 33rd Avenue and Heather Street in Vancouver, providing an opportunity to design and build something innovative and substantive from the ground up — a mini-community on the campus with diverse amenities and services.

“However, we’re not waiting until our sites are redeveloped to enhance our models of care,” says Tait. “Residential Care for Me is an important innovation and improvement initiative happening at all Providence residential care homes that allows us to prototype new ideas and care models.”

Launched in 2014, Residential Care for Me uses human-centered design principles to gather insights about the residential care experience from residents, family and staff to identify areas of priority. Prototyping of solutions began in spring 2016 and initially focused on two sites: Brock Fahrni tested ideas to improve the physical environment, while Holy Family began working to break down traditional task-based schedules to create a more fluid, resident-directed flow of the day. 

Building on this great groundwork, we are now moving forward with the next phase: Megamorphosis. The ideas generated during the Residential Care for Me activities, with help from residents, family, and staff, will be implemented in one neighbourhood at each of the five residential homes to move us closer to our shared vision of creating homes where we would all like to live. Each Megamorphosis will be completed in an intensive two week time period, starting with Marguerite Place at Youville on February 14th.

While the specific work and ideas implemented will likely vary from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, Megamorphosis teams will be approaching the work with the same three themes in mind:

  • Emotional connections matter most
  • Residents direct each moment
  • Home is not a place it is a feeling 

In preparation for the Megamorphosis at Marguerite Place at Youville, a few Residential Care for Me team members measured observations of emotional connections during staff and resident interactions. Additional baseline information was gathered at the townhall itself, where attendees participated in an interactive voting exercise to share their perspectives on topics such as meal times, staff empowerment regarding decision making, and whether or not Youville is an engaging and vibrant home. Attendees at Youville’s post-Megamorphosis townhall Celebration on February 24th will answer the same survey questions to measure the effectiveness of the Megamorphosis. 

Staff from Providence’s Centre for Practitioner Renewal (CPR) were available after the Town Halls to meet with families and to discuss any concerns they may have.  CPR will also be on hand at Youville in the weeks leading up to the Megamorphosis to prepare staff for the culture change that come with the Megamorphosis transformation. Prior to the Megamorphosis, staff will also be invited to engage in a number of experiential activities focused on living with cognitive, sensory and/or physical impairments.

The collective outcomes of the Megamorphoses in all neighbourhoods will be used to inform planning for PHC’s Residential Redevelopment Project, which envisions a social – rather than institutional – model of care in a new development at the St. Vincent’s: Heather site that is integrated with the community and provides a range of services and amenities.

So how far will Marguerite Place at Youville transform during its Megamorphosis? Watch PHC News in the coming weeks to find out!


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