Megamorphosis Pre-Work Preambles at Brock Fahrni

May 18, 2017 | News

Be positive. Have fun. Just Try.

These were the words of encouragement that Brock Fahrni residents, families and staff heard from their friends at Youville Residence as they gathered for a town hall style meeting to hear about some of the upcoming work on the Orange Neighbourhood. 74 people, including 23 residents, were in attendance at the town hall to learn more about Megamorphosis, the next phase in the Residential Care for Me initiative.

Brock Fahrni is the second of our five homes to embark on the Megamorphosis journey to create a bright and vibrant home and community. The guiding principles behind Megamorphosis are that:

  • Emotional connections matter most
  • Residents direct each moment, and
  • Home is not a place it is a feeling

After hearing about the vision for the work, participants were given the opportunity to have their voices heard through an interactive voting exercise. They anonymously gave their answers to 9 questions focused on how they perceived care and interactions to be between residents/families and staff. Initial findings from this poll reveal that there is a strong foundation in place. Brock Fahrni staff feel proud of the work that they are involved with and also empowered to be able to support residents in a way that they wanted to be served. 

In addition to the town hall poll, pre-Megamorphosis observations revealed a possible opportunity to focus on the emotional connections between staff and residents/families. Utilizing a research-informed approach, observers spent time at Brock Fahrni in the first two weeks of May observing interactions between staff and residents. Of the 95 interactions observed, the majority fell into a neutral category (on a scale from “positive social” to “negative restrictive”). These findings align with similar audits that had been conducted in the U.K. by Dr. David Sheard.

Wednesday’s Town Hall launches the start of over a month’s worth of activities. This starts with 3 weeks of pre-work sessions focusing on the importance of compassion, language and pain control through experiential activities. The pre-work is followed by two weeks of intense rapid-cycle testing of ideas that have been collected from residents, families and staff through previous Residential Care for Me activities. 

In a dining room filled with residents, family, and staff, Jo-Ann Tait (pictured above), program director for Elder Care and Palliative Services, highlighted the amazing work that already exists and spoke of the opportunity to try new ideas to move us closer to our shared vision of creating homes where we would all like to live. Staff are curious and cautious at this point in the process as the specifics around the actual Megamorphosis are revealed over the next four weeks. Stay tuned to hear more about their experiences as they unfold.

Learn more about Residential Care for Me here.

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