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To all Providence staff and medical staff, 

Last fall, more than 850 Providence staff and medical staff took part in our first Pulse Check Survey, which was designed to check how everyone who works at Providence is feeling about their work environment, and the care we provide. As we prepare to launch the next Pulse Check, I want to thank all of you who took the time to share your feedback with me.

I was naturally very pleased to see that over 80% of respondents would recommend PHC as a place to work, and a place to receive care. Many staff also shared deeply inspiring sentiments about their colleagues, our culture of compassionate care and the important work that we do.

But we also know that we are not perfect! I wanted to let you know that I hear your concerns, and take them seriously.

Firstly, concerns were raised about safety and violence, particularly at St. Paul’s. I hear you. This is a priority and we must do everything in our power to ensure your physical and psychological safety at work. To that end, I want to let you know that we are taking action, including:

  • We have expanded our Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) support to seven days a week including support after a violent incident. Staff or managers, who have any health and safety questions or concerns, can contact Sandy Coughlin, Director, OH&S at 604-341-6272.
  • We have ongoing Violence Prevention (VP) support with three dedicated VP team members available to give guidance to staff on strategies to manage specific patients, scenario-based refresher training and support in writing a behaviour care plan for patients, clients or residents who have a history of violence or show indicators for a higher likelihood of violence. To access VP support, email

I also hear your frustrations about workload and staffing. Work is underway to address issues of workload and improve the staff experience. We are enhancing our staffing model and taking a more proactive approach that includes building the relationship between PHC’s Staffing Office and Operations. We have already seen some improvements, and reduced occasions where our staff are working short, but we know there is more to be done. We also know that we need to understand how COVID-19 has changed our work, and therefore where we need to adjust our services.

To your call for more transparency from our leaders as it relates to PHC’s COVID-19 response, I encourage you to attend our regular all staff Town Halls where PHC staff can watch remotely and ask questions in real-time. We do our absolute best to answer all of these questions as fully as we can.  To view past Town Halls click here. Please also check the staff COVID-19 website, which is updated multiple times per day. 

We will keep working on all of these issues, and other concerns and suggestions raised by staff and medical staff, as we advance our Mission Forward Strategic Directions. Your input through the Pulse Check has been so helpful in guiding our priorities, thank you.

We know that the more we listen to each other and address concerns, the better we can serve our patients, staff and medical staff. The results show that we start from a good place, with the large majority of our staff and medical staff who responded to the survey feeling confident in their work environment and in the quality of care we deliver. 

The overall results were that:

  • 81% recommend Providence Health Care as a place to work
  • 83% recommend Providence Health Care as a place to receive care

For more information, please visit the Pulse Check page on PHC Connect

These results are a credit to everyone who works at Providence, who strives to provide truly patient centred care, and to provide a supportive and compassionate workplace for their colleagues.

The next survey will be sent later this week and will include two additional questions: one question on how well we support you to live our Mission, Vision and Values, and one question on wellness and safety in the workplace, to follow up on the concerns we heard in the last survey. We’re also asking a question about where you work, so that we can better address concerns that may be particularly relevant to certain sites or professional groups.

Please do take two minutes to complete this second ‘Pulse Check’ - I and my colleagues want to hear your voices. We take your views and concerns extremely seriously, and our priorities will be guided by you.

Finally, we’re one year into a pandemic that has changed the way we work and live in this world. For Providence people, it has been a year of working under extra pressure and stress, whilst at the same time making sacrifices in our personal lives and trying to look after family, our friends and ourselves.

Throughout the year, I have been so grateful for the outstanding people that I have seen across the whole of Providence. Thank you so much for your commitment to the well-being of our patients, residents and families.

 With best wishes,

Fiona Dalton,

President and CEO, Providence Health Care

Quality Forward

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